HBM-5TL - Microcut

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Valmistaja: Microcut
Malli: HBM-5TL
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 X axis table cross travel mm 4500 (std); 5500 (opt)
 Y axis headstock vertical mm 3200
 Z axis column long travel mm 2000
 Quill diameter mm 130
 W axis (quill) travel mm 700
 Spindle power kW 37/45 (std)
 Max. spindle speed rpm 35-3000
 Spindle torque Nm 1942/2362 (std)
 Spindle gear range 2 step (1:1 / 1:5.5)
 Table / pallet size mm 2500 x 2500
 Rotary table indexing degree degree 0.001°
 Table rotation speed rpm 1.5
 Max. table loading capacity kg 20000
 Rapid feed X, Y, Z, W axes M/min 10 / 10 / 10 / 8
 Cutting feed X, Y, Z, W axes M/min 10 / 10 / 10 / 5
 ATC tool number 60
 Machine weight kg 55000


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Enlarged HBM-5TL travelling column borer with increased travel on X/Y/Z axes up to 5500mm/3200mm/2000mm and a bigger working  table 2500x2500mm with a loading capacity of 20000kgs. Dia. 130mm spindle driven by a powerful gear box offers both high power and torque. The machine can be equipped with a wide selection of technological accessories that significantly increases the usability of the unit. Either Fanuc, Heidenhain or Siemens controls can be selected.

  •     CNC controller (Heidenhain iTNC530HSCI, Fanuc 32iMB/31iMB, or Siemens 840D)
  •     Spindle and servo motor package
  •     Large fully ground work table with 15 T-slots
  •     Precision ground ball screw
  •     Heavily ribbed cast iron components
  •     ISO 50 spindle
  •     Heavy duty radius type metal enclosure with removable slide
  •     Automatic central lubrication
  •     Coolant system
  •     Chip drawers
  •     Telescopic way covers
  •     3000rpm spindle
  •     Low voltage circuit system
  •     CE marking
  •     Universal head
  •     Right angle milling head
  •     Spindle extension sleeve
  •     Coolant Through Spindle Device
  •     ATC
  •     User operation station
  •     Table guard for CTS function
  •     Oil skimmer
  •     Angular block
  •     Heat exchanger
  •     Chip conveyor
  •     EMC
  •     Air conditioner for electric cabinet
  •     Safety module
  •     Lifting device